Friday, October 25, 2013

Live at The Threshing Floor

This one is mostly for those who were there.
This was recorded live at an event called The Threshing Floor, a gathering of passionate worship and Eucharistic adoration that we played at once a month for several years. This particular evening was during the stations of the cross that we did each Lent.
It's the power trio of Tim, Rufino and I playing. One thing I love is that this is when my wife Diane was singing with us.
It's over a half an hour long and I left in the responses and the scripture readings.
The sound is from a VHS camcorder set up in the choir loft and the production value is what you would expect.
The band gets sloppy in places.
You can here the microphone being turned on and off.
Definitely a rough recording all around...

But I still love it. When I listen, I'm there again.
The beauty, the power, the grace that flowed during our many evenings together.
I miss those evenings...

Jesus You're Everything
God Of Mercy
Clothe Me In White
(c) 2005  Michael Bokulich

Holy Is The Lord
Kelly Green
(c) 1982 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing

Christ Child's Lullabye

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