June 9, 2015

Recently I had the privilege and joy to hear the superb, engaging and uplifting music of Mr. Michael Bokulich at a ceremony in Watsonville.  It was a pleasure to hear his music and also the joyous rhythms as he and his fellow musicians played and led us in song.  I thank God for the opportunity to hear and experience the very talented musician, Michael Bokulich. 

With esteemed joy,

+Most Reverend Richard J. Garcia, D.D.
Bishop of the Diocese of Monterey in California


June 9, 2015

Michael is a gifted, passionate, and committed musician, and composer of religious music.  I had the fortune of working with him at our parish of Our Lady Help of Christians in Watsonville for the past year. Michael does this with passion as a ministry of service and love for God and as an opportunity to inspire and bring God's people in worship and love. 

Blessings, Fr. Joseph 

Fr. Joseph Mathew Paradayil
2401 East Lake Ave
CA 95076

July 22, 2015

Michael Bokulich as a musician, singer and leader in different forms of worship has been a true gift to the church and parish.  Intelligent and possessed of a sense of humor, Michael is easy to work with regarding liturgy.  He has gone out of his way to encourage and lead groups in prayer; his specialty when I was his pastor was praise.  I would be happy to provide further information and can enthusiastically recommend Michael Bokulich.

Blessings, Fr. Patrick Dooling
Associate Pastor
San Carlos Cathedral Parish Mission
Monterey, CA

June 9, 2015

Michael Bokulich is an outstanding Musician that brings lots of enthusiasm to our youth Masses. He is a great asset to our Church as a collaborator with our Confirmation students. His dedication and hard work made a positive difference in our Religious Education program.

Sincerely, in Jesus and Mary, 
Sister Silvia Castillo, FMA
Director of Religious Education


June 11, 2015

Michael Bokulich is unbelievably talented. 

When you have the talent that Mike does combined with his passion to use his gifts to give glory to God, it makes for incredible music and experience. All the focus is on God which makes for very powerful worship experiences. I have had the pleasure of hearing Mike play for over 15 years and I am still amazed by his passion and humility. 

I am a huge fan and support him 100%

Paul Croghan
High School Youth & Confirmation Director, St. Joseph’s Capitola

June 11, 2015

The one word I would use to describe Michael's music is "prophetic." The anointing on him is to take others to the prophetic realm where Christ heals, restores, and those in spiritual captivity are set free. It is the difference from playing music and worshiping the Lord, taking us to the place where deep calls to deep.

Therese M. Catalano, M.Div.
Pastoral Coordinator of New Pentecost Catholic Ministries, Monterey


July 15, 2015

Everyone has been given gifts that when used give glory to God, but Mike Bokulich has a gift for music that both glorifies God, and equally as important, brings others closer to the Lord.  To hear Mike play is to experience the presence of God in a much deeper and more personal way.  It is rare that a musician has the ability to truly inspire with his music, or his lyrics, or the passion with which he performs, but Mike has the rare gift of doing so with all three.

Chris Croghan
Jr. High Youth Minister, St. Joseph’s Capitola


Jun 12, 2015

Michael Bokulich touched our lives by his heart for God which flowed through his music.  
We traveled to Santa Cruz to attend a monthly adoration event (service) where he and his wife led us in worship, bringing me always into an amazing intimate encounter with Jesus. 
God used Michael's rich, smooth voice and skilled guitar playing to cut through the exterior concerns of my life, and get me into a place where I could let the Lord into my heart with his peace and healing. 

Michael's own original songs are profound, yet refreshing; the kind of songs I want to keep playing and singing. They never get old. (I won't be satisfied,  My heart is not proud).
Michael's faithfulness and reverence to the liturgy has always been an inspiration to me as a music minister in my parish. 

Michael has a solid grasp on how to communicate God's word prophetically through his songs. 

Theresa Huether

St. Justin’s Parish, Santa Clara
St. Justin Charismatic Prayer Group

(Prayer group and worship leader, and gifted musician. She has written a lovely little testimony booklet, “I’m Singing a New Song.” To order a copy you can email her at theresahuether@gmail.com. )

June 9, 2015

Michael singing is soulful and inspiring. His prayer comes thru his voice as he sings and leads us all inward, and to our voice outward...to praise our glorious God.

Theresa Herning
Education Consultant
Compassionate Family Services
Education Specialist

June 10, 2015

We first heard Michael's music at a Life Teen Mass. As I looked around the church, I saw normally apathetic teens joining in. Teens, atheist friends, grieving adults, I've seen all of them touched by his music, singing, and leadership during multiple Masses and weekend retreats. His music has touched me repeatedly, from mercy when I was furious to peace when I was grieving at my sister in law's funeral. I'm so grateful for the wondrous gift God has given him, and for his generosity in sharing it. Frequently, when the cross seems heavy and God's consolation isn't with me, I find myself singing Michael’s song "Oh Hidden God," and I have peace. Thanks Michael!

MB Lazaneo (parishioner of St. Joseph’s Capitola)

June 9, 2015

Quite simply, Mike Bokulich sings with a voice for someone whose ears are attuned to the sounds of American Folk music but speak plainly of the power of God.

I’m pretty sure I would not have done RCIA if I had not witnessed Mike during several masses and his voice and commitment. It felt real and most importantly, it spoke to someone who was hearing music in a different genre…this was not “church music.”  It was soul music spoken by a distant relative of Woody Guthrie. 

His natural guitar style and his baritone and commitment don’t pretty up the Lord’s message.  He recognizes the wonder and Joy, but his music also lets the listener know that the journey isn’t always easy.    He’s speaks to someone who may not have always been an angel.

Plus he’s just a great guy…and a darned good contractor.

~Brad Roades (parishioner of St. Joseph’s Capitola)


June 12, 2015

(About Mike Bokulich) Inspired and Anointed are the words that most commonly come to mind. “Led by the spirit” would be another.

Vincent Lopes (parishioner of St. Joseph’s Capitola)

June 12, 2015

Michael's music is prayerful and filled with the Holy Spirit. It has the ability to direct one's heart and mind straight to Christ. He is incredibly gifted as a worship leader. 

Liz Findrick (parishioner of St. Joseph’s Capitola)

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