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In the book of Jeremiah, when Jeremiah has his first vision the Lord asks him what he sees.
He answers "I see a branch of the watching tree," and God replies, "Well have you seen, for I am watching to fulfill my word."
In ancient Palestine the almond tree was called the watching tree because it was the first tree to bloom in the spring and so was said to never sleep, but to remain watching for the spring.

In the late nineties I formed a "modern worship band" with some friends and we took the name the Watching Tree because it represented exactly what we wanted to be, a sign and a voice for God's people to stay awake and to watch for God to fulfill his word.
Over the years we've had, at my rough count, about thirteen different members at different times. For a number of years we played various small to medium sized events throughout northern California and many times at our home parish in Capitola.
Then things changed.

Kids got older, work got busier, and I lost my voice. I had to have surgery on my vocal chords. I couldn't talk for a month and couldn't sing for many months. The seasons changed and the Watching Tree took a break.
Over the last year or so we have begun playing again. We lead music for the teen Mass at two local parishes once a month. We recently did a confirmation retreat.  At this point the band, consists of myself, Tim Gassaway on bass and Rufino Adolfo on drums. I also play solo every Sunday for the 8 am Mass at Our Lady Help of Christians, in Watsonville.
And this blog, a means to share within the confines of the craziness of family life.
I pray you are blessed by these songs.

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